Construction Project Management Chapter

Construction Project Management in the 21st Century

Construction Project Managers have now been added to the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK,) the country’s leading professional society for Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Town Planners, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Built Environment Experts.

As part of its launch programme, the new Construction Project Managers (CPM) Chapter hosted a Learning Breakfast Forum at the Strathmore Business School, themed “Construction Project Management in the 21st Century.”

In addition to officially welcoming the new members to the association, the aim of the forum was to create awareness amongst stakeholders on the role of the chapter, showcase some successful case studies that have embraced acceptable CPM industry standards such as the Thika Road super-highway.

In the building and construction industry, the role of a Construction Project Manager entails the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion. The CPM is the bridge between the Architect and the Client and ensures that the client’s requirements are being met in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be complete in every aspect especially – on time.

Strathmore Business School hosted the event as a part of its support for the new chapter; the Business School recently launched its ‘100% money-back guarantee’ programme whose curriculum is geared to incorporate the entrepreneurial process into construction management activities to achieve profitable success.

As the region’s economy moves forward, the demand for more and better infrastructure and facilities is expected to increase thereby escalating the demand for the service provided by Construction Project Managers.

Arch Lee Muchiri, Vice Chairman, CPM urged professionals in the field to join the new chapter and take advantage of the numerous networking opportunities available within AAK; as well as gain a competitive edge in the market by participating in learning forums such as the inaugural one held at Strathmore Business School to help stay on top of industry trends.

The event attracted over 50 industry professionals and was sponsored by Housing Finance, the leading mortgage service provider in Kenya and UNICASA a Brazilian firm specializing in furniture made from wood of reforestation areas; UNICASA is currently in the process of rolling out stores in the East African Region, starting with Nairobi.

CPM Chapter Council

  • CPM Douglas Ochong’ –  Chairperson
  • CPM Kathy Kibowen   –  Vice Chairperson
  • CPM Lawrence Mbugua   –   Secretary
  • CPM James Kanalo  –  Treasurer
  • CPM Alphage Mwazi   – Registrar