Engineers Chapter

There are four branches of the Engineering disciple that deal in the provision of the built environment:

  • Civil Engineers – deals with infrastructure, the provision of roads, water supply, sewerage and surface drainage.
  • Structural Engineers – deals with the provision of the building structure, foundation, walling and roofing.
  • Electrical Engineers – deals with the provision of electrical power supply to building light, automation and communication systems.
  • Mechanical Engineers– deals with the provision of plumbing and drainage systems, firefighting, ventilation and air conditioning.

Why we do it better?

The services provided in these branches of engineering include design work, preparation of drawings, specification and tender documents, supervision of installation, testing and commissioning. The use of professional Engineers in the design and construction of building reduces the risks involved for example the collapse of buildings, fire, safety and statutory requirements. Professional fees are calculated at a preposition of the overall cost of the building and the services provided.

The Engineer’s Chapter of the Architect Association of Kenya is one of the seven Chapters of AAK. The membership of the Engineer’s Chapter has grown tremendously in the recent time. Although ours is one of the smaller chapters of the AAK, our members have been active in most activities undertaken by the Association. We have been well represented in the council and on various committees including the restructuring process of the Association.

With new impetus in AAK, the Engineer’s Chapter will endeavor to move forward with the other chapters to build a stronger and dynamic association of the Built and Natural Environment professionals.

Engineers Chapter Council

  • Eng. Benjamin Nyawade   –   Chairperson
  • Eng. Andrew Wahome   –   Vice Chairman
  • Eng. Mike Nderitu    –  Secretary
  • Eng. Josephat Munene   –   Treasurer
  • Eng. Justus Otwani   –   Asst .Secretary
  • Eng. Peter Gitau    –  Registrar