Programs of AAK

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

AAK has a vibrant CPD program that encompasses morning, day, evening and full day events. The Association’s flagship CPD event is the AAK Annual Convention which is usually a three-day session packed with insightful professional discussions. The event usually attracts all professionals in the built environment ranging from practising professionals to those in the academia.

The association also conducts informative professional talks dubbed the AAK BuildTalk Series as well as breakfast seminars where matters pertinent in the industry are discussed. We also hold BuildTours where members visit iconic architectural buildings among others.

Networking opportunities

The Association offers networking opportunities to its membership through creative social events. Members meet and network over events like the Gala and President dinners.

AAK Awards of Excellence in architecture

The AAK Awards of excellence in architecture take place every two years. The award scheme is aimed at recognizing excellence in architecture for projects designed, built and completed in Kenya or within East Africa by members of the Architectural Association of Kenya.

Documents for sale

Pertinent industry documents are domiciled at the Association. Members can purchase the Joint Building Construction contract book, standards method of measurement, interim certificate, certificate of making good defects, certificate of practical completion among others.